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This site is no more maintained.  The latest versions of maintained packages are now available at the emhacks SourceForge project page.

Emacs stuff

As a contribution to the JDE I have written several Elisp libraries to improve Java development with Emacs. You can download their last versions from here.
jmaker (version 2.1 2002/01/09) updated
This library defines a command that generates makefiles needed to build all files in a project directory tree. You can use the JDE build command to run a generated makefile and thereby build all files in the current directory tree. See the file jmaker.el for details about installation and use.

Version 2 is a major rewrite of jmaker. There is no more meta Makefiles and new generated Makefiles automatically process all sub-directories of a project :-).

Starting with version 2 the Makefile template is not compatible with the one created by previous versions of jmaker. You must reset `jmaker-makefile-buffer-template' to its standard settings and redo any customization you have made. Sorry!

Old jmaker 1.21 (2000/08/16) is still available here.
jdok (version 1.11 2000/06/09)
This library defines a command that generates and inserts a Javadoc comment skeleton for the method, class or interface at point in the current Java source buffer. See the file jdok.el or this short tutorial for details about installation and use.

Version 1.11 is a major rewrite of jdok.el to use fully customizable "tempo" templates for each category of javadoc line. So now jdok require the tempo package to work.

Starting with version 1.11 of jdok, customized templates made in previous versions are no more used. So jdok templates must be customized again.

Old jdok 1.9 (2000-04-21) is still available here.

New! I will not make any more evolutions to jdok itself. Starting with JDE 2.1.7, jdok is now part of the JDE as jde-javadoc :-)
jpack (version 1.12 2000/04/14)
This library determines the package that a Java source file belongs to from its location in the Java class path and generates a corresponding Java package statement. You can use jpack to avoid having to customize each JDE class creation template to a specific project. See the file jpack.el or this short tutorial for details about installation and use.

I will not make any more evolutions to pack itself. Starting with JDE 2.2.7, jpack is now part of the JDE as jde-package :-)
jsee (version 2.0 2000-08-11)
This library defines a command to preview the Java API documentation for the program in the current buffer. jsee.el first invokes the javadoc tool to build the HTML documentation and then browse the generated HTML page in your favorite browser. See the file jsee.el for details about installation and use.
jjar (version 1.8 2002/01/09) updated
This library provides commands to create or update (since JDK 1.2) a Java ARrchive files (.jar). The files to be archived are searched in a given directory tree in this way:
  1. A dialog is shown to give shell wildcard expressions used to locate the files.
  2. When the files are located, a second dialog is shown to select the ones to archive. You can return to step 1 to change the wildcards or continue to step 3.
  3. The jar command is built using the files previously selected and the current (customizable) options. And finally run in compile-mode.
See the file jjar.el for details about installation and use.
You can find here others Elisp codes I have developed for my personal usage. Maybe some of them will be useful for you too :-)

I currently develop and use these Elisp libraries with NT Emacs 20.7 and 21.1 and XEmacs-win32 21.4.6 running on MS Windows NT 4 WKS SP6a.

License & Support

All these softwares are free and distibuted under the GPL. So you can use and modify them at your convenience.
Any comments, suggestions, bug reports or upgrade requests are welcome. Please send them to david@dponce.com.

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